gafurtle said: Thor, I have a job interview next week. You're so good with people - do you have any advice about how I can make a good impression so that I get hired?

advicefromyourhero: Why thank you my Midgardian friend, in my experience people of power or authority most notice factors that you may not, such as nervousness, if you are tense, people will see it, it is far better in my opinion to relax and be who you are, the people in power will respect that you have enough confidence to be open and honest rather than trying to impress them with a facade of perfection that no one can keep up for long, personality is respected in many careers, if you can speak boldly to your possible employer that alone may impress he or she enough to consider you, other than that, be sure you express why you may qualify for the position and how much you would like to work beneath their leadership, don’t be overly flattering, just be honest, I find that the more relaxed and open you are, the more people wish to speak with you and work with you, it’s far better than anxiously trying to create a mere shadow of who you are whose only point is to impress others, even if you did achieve the position, that shadow would eventually disperse and cause a great deal of agony in the process, I fully believe that your marvelous true self can achieve anything you set your mind to

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